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2023 Christian Pilgrimage to Israel to begin September 22



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has issued an internal circular, announcing the 2023 Christian Pilgrimage to Israel.

In the statement, the ministry said that the dates for the pilgrimage, which will be in three parts, will be from September 22, through to November 30, 2023.

“I have the honour to inform members of staff that the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs has resumed its Christian Pilgrimage Programme to Israel. The provisional dates for the 2023 Pilgrimage are as follows:

“First Pilgrimage: 22nd-30th September, 2023 (Deadline for submission of registration forms 31st August, 2023); Second Pilgrimage: 21st-29th October, 2023 (Deadline for submission of forms 22nd September, 2023); and Third Pilgrimage: 22nd-30th November, 2023 (Deadline for submission of forms 20th October, 2023),” it stated.

Read the details of the circular below:


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