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17-year-old boy allegedly caught having sex with pregnant dog – Report



A young man of about 17 years has been apprehended for allegedly having sex with a pregnant dog in Wassa Adesu in the Amenfi East municipality of the Western region. The incident, was reported by Oyerepa FM’s Western regional correspondent during the Midday News on August 10, 2023.

According to the correspondent’s account, the individual, identified as Nana, was reportedly caught in the act by a passerby who heard the dog’s cries emanating from a public bathhouse.

The dog, which was near its due date for delivery, was found in a compromising situation with Nana, who had reportedly covered its mouth and blocked the entrance of the bathhouse with a cloth to obscure the incident from view.

He explained that a passerby raised the alarm, drawing the attention of local residents who gathered to witness the scene. Nana said to be a Pragyia driver (tricycle), was subsequently apprehended and taken to Wassa Akropong government hospital, along with the pregnant dog, for further examination.

The hospital’s initial findings, indicated that Nana’s physical tests yielded evidence of dog sperm in his system, suggesting a sexual encounter with the animal. The doctor’s assessment appeared to confirm the allegations, leaving the community in disbelief.

The animal’s owner, identified as Nana’s landlady, reportedly informed investigators that the dog had experienced recurrent miscarriages over an extended period and she believes it is as a result of multiple sexual encounters Nana had been having with it.

“According to witnesses, someone passing by the bathhouse heard the dog cries and rushed to the scene, and saw Nana having sex with the dog. The dog in question is named Nnye. The individual who discovered the act raised an alarm to alert the residents, prompting them to gather and watch him.

“The owner of the dog was notified and both the dog and the perpetrator were taken to the Wassa Akropong government hospital for examination. Following a physical examination, the doctor’s report confirmed the presence of dog sperm in Nana’s system, suggesting a sexual encounter between him and the dog.

“The landlady revealed that the dog had been experiencing miscarriages over an extended period whenever it became pregnant. She said that maybe because Nana has been having sex with the dog that is why.

“The doctor overseeing the case has announced the intention to conduct further tests on the dog. The purpose of these tests is to determine whether the pregnancy is indeed a dog or human being, he said the results of these tests will be ready on Monday.”

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