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10-year-old Nicholas Buamah’s third book accepted into Library of Congress



• Nicholas Buamah is a child author

• His first book was accepted into the U.S. Library of Congress

• Like the first, his third, ‘Is Santa Really Real?’ has also been accepted into the library

Nicholas Buamah became a sensation in 2019 when his bestseller book, Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day, was accepted into the United States Library of Congress, which makes it accessible to all American elementary-school libraries.

The now 10-year-old Georgia native and son of Ghanaians Danielle and Dominic Buamah, wrote about twins Kayla and Kyle, who are both running for class president. Before votes are cast, they must debate in front of the class to demonstrate that they are capable candidates.

Both dictionaries advocate for their qualifications using advanced vocabulary.

“I picked election day because I had a whole bunch of titles to choose from, and I love Barack Obama so much. I picked him because he did a lot during his election term,” Nicholas said when he was asked why he chose to write about elections, reports

Today, the top-rated author has distributed and recorded his third book titled, ‘Is Santa Really Real?’ into the Library of Congress.

His mom, Danielle Buamah explained that this new book came about when he was 9-years-old and they had had a discussion with regards to Christmas.

“Is Santa truly genuine,” was the inquiry Nicholas posed to her.

“After our endearing chitchat, we both felt that the discussion would make for an ideal Christmas story. Ideal for guardians confronted with addressing that equivalent inquiry yet needing to keep the enchantment of Christmas alive,” his mother is reported by to have said.

Released on October 1, 2021, the book is already a Number 1 Bestseller on Amazon.

About Nicholas Buamah

Brought into the world to a Ghanaian dad and an African American mother, Nicholas Buamah at age 7 distributed his first book “Kayla and Kyle: The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day,” which turned into a Best-dealer globally and is currently listed in the Library of Congress.

He is one of the most youthful Recording Artists and Executive Music Producer enlisted with BMI and has dispatched his melodic presentation, “At work.”

Buamah is the co-essayist and Executive Producer of the venture.

He has received a few honors including a GUBA Award, gotten proclamations and resolutions from various city authorities including a then official competitor, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.



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