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We’ll bomb any country that arrests Putin over ICC warrant – Ex-Russian president



His comments are linked to an International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant against Putin over the abduction of Ukrainian children.

Yahoo News quoted Medvedev as saying that attempts to arrest Putin would be seen as a “declaration of war,” by Russia.

“Let’s imagine – it’s clear that this is a situation that will never happen – but nevertheless let’s imagine it does,” the Putin ally said.

“The current head of a nuclear state arrives on the territory of, say, Germany, and is arrested. What is this? A declaration of war against the Russian Federation.”

As per the warrant, Putin could face arrest in more than 100 countries that recognise the jurisdiction of the ICC warrant.

Russia, like the US, is not one of the 123 countries that are parties to the ICC under the Rome Statute, which established the court.

Putin becomes the third sitting president to be hit by an ICC warrant after former leaders of Sudan and Libya, Omar al-Bashir and Muammar Gaddafi respectively.

Putin is due to attend a 5-nation economic summit in South Africa later this year, the South African government said it will seek clarifications before Putin arrives in the country.



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