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Watch Nkrumah’s Christmas message to Ghanaians from Conakry after his overthrow



Ghana's first president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah

Ten months after his overthrow in 1966, the first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, sent an emotional Christmas message to Ghanaians from the capital town of Guinea, Conakry, where he was in exile.

Nkrumah, who was addressing Ghanaians on a radio station in Conakry, wished Ghanaians well despite the fact that they were under a military dictatorship.

“… in spite of your suffering and humiliation, I wished that you could have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This is normally a festive occasion but on this year’s Christmas day, Ghanaians can not help reflecting what a faithful year this has been for them.

“You have seen an unfortunate and sordid chapter in your history. It is a chapter of treachery and betrayal, of greed and hypocrisy, of thud and blunder. It is dark days for Ghana,” he said.

The late president did not miss the opportunity to rebuke the policemen, and soldiers under the National Liberation Movement who overthrew him.

He said that the movement removed him on the basis of a lie and has worsened the livelihood of Ghanaians since they took power.

“Within 10 short months, the traitors … have showed us that it was morbid lust for money and power and their desire to escape from the just consequences of their corruption and crime which made them commit such a despicable act of treason.

“Their (the movement’s) achievement has been the sordid reversal of Ghana’s development and progress… there has never been any time worse than the present state of mass unemployment and hunger which the last 10 months of the National Liberation Council’s misrule and mismanagement has brought upon Ghana,” he added.

Listen to Nkrumah’s Christmas message below:




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