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VIGILANTE GROUPS: A plan to kill Zongo youths



The inclusion of most Zongo youths in known vigilante groups is a calculated ploy by some politicians to waste the lives of Muslim youths, Dr Kassim Sissago Ashanti regional Chairman for All People’s Congress has hinted.

Political parties known to be spearheading their (vigilante groups) formation notably NPP and NDC have capitalized on the illiteracy of most zongo youths and as a result have succeeded in influencing most of them to carry out dirty political roles at the peril of their lives in the name of vigilantism.

Speaking exclusively to THE PRESS RADIO, Dr. Ahmed Kassim Sissago set the record straight that because Muslims youths by nature are bold and strong, political parties want to abuse these qualities through vigilantism and get them killed in the process.

“They (politicians) use them up, dump and get them killed through violent crashes to the advantage of their political parties” he noted.

“…haven’t you realised that the membership of these groups is dominated by Muslim youths and those deceased through bloody crashes are Muslims as witnessed recently at the NDC Ashanti regional office?” he questioned in his statement.

Dr. Kassim Sissago premised on the foregoing advised youths of the various zongo communities not allow themselves to be influenced by any politician to enrol in any vigilante group else they will be wasted and killed in the process.

The Ashanti regional chairman for APC wondered why executives of NPP and NDC do not consider uneducated zongo youths for better and credibly opportunities in the party but always relegate them for life threatening roles.

“If they (politicians) think vigilantism has something good to offer, why haven’t they enrol their children and family members to protect them and their ballot boxes?”

He therefore advised Muslim youths to wise up by resisting any diabolic persuasions from political figures.


Source: Akonnor


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