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VIDEO: Pastor mob after sleeping with someone’s wife

A well known man of God known as Pastor Mustapha was caught sleeping with his best friend’s wife and was beaten by angry residents. Pastor Mustapha, reportedly in his 30 from Zimbabwe, was stripped naked and nearly burned to death by his friend who caught him in the act.

In a video, the pastor was seen clearly without clothes when he was caught having sex with his friend’s wife in their room. According to reports, the man of God is the head pastor of one of the famous churches in Zimbabwe
The husband of the cheating woman said he suspected his wife was cheating on him with her friend, but he had no proof.

To prove to everyone that she had committed adultery, he deliberately traveled for two days, but returned later that evening and caught his adulterous wife in the act. The man then called his other friends who came to the house to beat up the pastor. Although he asked for forgiveness and claimed that it was the devil who made him do such a thing, they did not listen to his explanation of him, but continued to beat him and even planned to set fire to him. Luckily, the police arrived and rescued him.


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