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VIDEO: Ghanaian Domestic Worker in Ethiopia Narrates How Her Boss Assaulted her

A Ghanaian domestic worker in Ethiopia has narrated how her Ethiopian boss beat her up for no discerning reason.

The lady, sporting a black eye, recorded a video to explain how she received the injury.


According to her people have been asking her about the eye so she feels she has to explain it.

She narrated that she works for an Ethiopian man, warning Ghanaians that they shouldn’t work for Ethiopians.

According to her, any Ghanaian who works or an Ethiopian would regret it

Narrating her ordeal, she revealed that her master had bought ice cream for the house because he was planning to have some friends over.

The ice cream was to be used as dessert for a get together he was planning.

He purchased the ice cream and upon returning, placed the ice cream in his daughter’s hands to put in the fridge.

She apparently forgot and left it ontop of the refrigerator instead.

The entire ice cream batch therefore melted.

The Ghanaian maid said she went to the fridge for some meat to cook when she saw the ice cream placed on top of the fridge.

After taking the meat, she said the man’s daughter came to blame her for not putting the ice cream back in the fridge after taking it out to acess the meat.

She told the girl that she met the ice cream already on the fridge but she run to tell her dad the same story, blaming the Ghanaian maid.

The dad therefore came with anger that his party dessert had been ruined and rained his anger on the poor lady.

He beat her up and gave her the black eye she was showing to the camera.

Ghanaian domestic workers who go outside to travel often have to deal with a lot of trauma and abuse and this seems to be the latest victim.

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