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#TrendingGH: 15 pesewas reduction in fuel price insignificant, beat it down – Drivers

Vehicle owners have pleaded with the government to further beat down the prices of petroleum products after an announcement of a 15 pesewas reduction per litre was made by the Finance Minister on March 24.

This was revealed when GhanaWeb spoke with some drivers to get their reaction to the reduction.

Some drivers lamented the incessant increment in prices of fuel saying the 15 pesewas reduction is just a drop in the ocean.

“This reduction is absolutely insignificant, we have families at home to cater for at the end of the day, this job now makes us look pitiful, we sometimes have to take loans just to keep it running, especially when our cars break down abruptly. If the government wants to make a reduction, they should make a reduction that will positively affect our businesses,” a driver lamented.

“Should you go to the food market today, 15 pesewas will not be able to buy even water, if government continues to be inconsiderate, things will worsen, we will bear the brunt of their actions but it will also hit them in the long run,” another driver added. He continued to say they are tired of pleading with the government since all pleas fall on deaf ears.

Noting the nosedive sales have taken since the start of the incessant hike in fuel prices, a driver noted, “Sometimes making sales can be depressing, you check the money made at the end of the day and you begin to worry. Car owners will begin to ask questions and even threaten to take their cars, we make losses every single day”.

Meanwhile, government believes recent measures adopted following a Cabinet retreat will cushion consumers of petroleum products and current economic challenges.

Watch the full interaction on #TrendingGh below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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