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TRENDING VIDEO: Amerado: A red letter to Strongman



Some music lovers are anticipating a lyrical war between Amerado and Strongman following the former’s decision to release a song titled ‘A Red Letter to Strongman’.

Amerado via his social media accounts, Friday, announced his intention to release the song at 6 pm and has since courted conversation with many taking to Twitter to express their views.

For those who paid keen attention to the music industry in 2022, the two rappers threw subtle jabs at each other in various radio interviews. In June, Vincent Kwaku Osei, known within the entertainment industry as Strongman said he would not follow up on any attack on him by Amerado.

Strongman’s statement was on the basis that Amerado subtly jabbed him and teased that the former has failed to establish a robust career as a rapper even though he has been mentored by Ghana’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie.

“I have no issue with Amerado. Recently, someone threw a shade at me and he [Amerado] contacted me that he wanted to reply the person on my behalf. So I have no issues with him.

“However, I have observed that it is a strategy. For a while now, Amerado has been attacking top rappers in the country. Myself, Sarkodie, and Flowking Stone have been attacked in his last three songs. He hopes to get a reply from us to promote himself. That lyrical beef is not beneficial to me, so I won’t give in,” Strongman explained on Radio One.

Amerado later hit back at his former record label mate for accusing him of building a music career out of controversies.

According to Amerado, he has always dominated the rap scene in Ghana and has paid his dues just like any rapper in the country, as such he does not need controversies to build his career.

He added that there is nothing Strongman can do that he cannot do pertaining to music.

“Now the thing is, I have always been in the news with everything I do and every song I release. So, I don’t need any beef to be famous or make it as a musician. As a matter of fact, everything Strongman can do, I can do same and even better,” Amerado said in an exclusive interview on Poleeno Multimedia.

Although the content of his ‘A Red Letter to Strongman’ is unknown until its release, social media is lit. Here are a few of the reactions.




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