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Top 3 critical issues Kolege has addressed lately



Kumawood actor, Okomfo Kolege, in a recent interview, finally opened up about his late wife’s demise and some topical issues surrounding it.

GhanaWeb has put together three of the major issues he touched on when he spoke to actor cum YouTuber, Kwaku Manu.

Scroll below for the three topics Kolege tackled

My wife didn’t show any sign of weakness

It can be recalled that in November 2022, Okomfo Kolege lost his wife and unborn child during childbirth.

However, there were a lot of speculations as to how the actor’s wife died and what transpired during her funeral.

Narrating the incidents that led to her death, the Kumawood actor said his wife was very strong and showed no signs of weakness.

Speaking with Kwaku Manu, he said he woke up at dawn one day to notice his wife was in labour and he decided to transport her to the hospital, but she asked him to wait until she was properly dilated.

According to Okomfo Kolege, he didn’t listen to her and rushed her to the hospital. Upon getting there, the health professionals rushed in to assist him with his wife, but one could tell his wife was strong and was able to move around on her own.

Therefore, contrary to rumours people are spreading, his wife wasn’t ill nor did she die after falling from her maternity bed; rather, she was well and robust up until the medical staff informed him of the tragic news of her death.

‘I dread marriage and childbirth’ – Okomfo Kolege

Kolege, after losing his forever partner, has disclosed that he wonders why he had to bury his wife at such a young age and even go through the daunting task of widowerhood rites.

The actor, who now shares a different view of marriage and childbirth, said he is gripped by fear of marriage and seeing another woman carry his child.

According to him, whenever he sees pregnant women in town, he stares at them and would sometimes meet women who look like his wife and get startled.

Okomfo Kolege slams LilWin, others over ‘highest funeral donation’ scuffle

However, a number of the Kumawood actor’s colleagues have boasted about who donated the largest amount during the actor’s wife’s funeral.

This was after LilWin was attacked for his absence at the funeral.

He replied by saying, even though he wasn’t present for the Saturday funeral, he had given the highest donation.

LilWin’s remarks caused controversy on social media and even led to a debate with some of his colleagues.

But responding to all these, Kolege said in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia that certain contributors gave extremely significant sums of money but decided not to make a big issue out of it.

Kolege seemed unhappy about what he described as ‘unnecessary rifts’ among his colleagues on social media.



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