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The interesting story behind how ex-Black Stars coach Kwasi Appiah landed his wife



Papa Arko who was then Kotoko’s captain narrates that Kwasi Appiah was having a difficult time in his attempts to win over the lady he prefers to call Adwoa.

The Soccer Bob Marley says he quickly took matters into his own hands and did the talking on behalf of Kwasi Appiah once he discovered that the lady in question was his wife’s junior sister.

“As senior players, it was our duty to ensure that new players enjoy their stay in the club. Kwasi had been trying to convince the lady but it wasn’t working so I inquired and found out it was sister Adwoa. Then I said if it’s Adwoa then Kwasi Appiah shouldn’t struggle. His wife is a sister to mine so I had a good relationship with him.

“So we planned a hangout and I told Adwoa that he was going to share the same room with Kwasi Appiah. So that’s how their relationship began. I had been with my wife for a while and Adwoa used to come around,” he said.

Papa Arko’s account of events can be corroborated by confessions by Kwasi Appiah during an interview with Betty Yawson on her YouTube channel.

Kwasi Appiah explained but for the intervention of Papa Arko, he probably would not have been able to lure his wife.

“I met my wife through a friend who was by then playing for Kotoko. Me I can’t rap a girl oh. I had a friend who used to play for Kotoko. He is called Papa Arkoh, the captain of the team during my time.”

“Papa Arkoh’s wife introduced Angela to me and when she came, she was very beautiful and that’s how everything started,” Kwasi Appiah said in the interview.

The union of Kwasi and Angela Appiah has produced three beautiful daughters.

The first daughter is called Puggy Appiah who is more like a carbon copy of her father while the second daughter, Audrey Appiah took after her mother Angela.

The last child who is called is often hailed on social media for her outstanding beauty and curvy nature.

Puggy and Audrey live in the UK with their mother while Mary was reported to have relocated to Ghana some years back.

Kwasi Appiah is mostly in Ghana as he works as the Technical Director for Kenpong Academy and visits his family when they go on break.



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