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Suspected gay escapes lynching at Assin Fosu



An alleged gay, identified as “Junior,” has been mercilessly beaten for allegedly attempting to have a sexual affair with a young man in Assin Fosu, located in the Central Region.

Although a video of the incident is currently trending, information about the actual events is scarce. This is due to residents fearing they may be called upon to assist the police with investigations.

According to information gathered by Kasapa News’ Yaw Boagyan so far, the gay community in Assin Fosu created a WhatsApp group, to which they added a young man without his consent.

Over time, Junior, a member of the WhatsApp group, contacted the young man expressing interest in a sexual affair at a specific hotel in Assin Fosu, to which the young man agreed.

However, the young man, who opposes homosexuality, organized friends to wait at the location and confront Junior upon his arrival, intending to teach him a lesson. Junior reportedly faced severe mob action upon arrival until he allegedly confessed to being gay and wanting a sexual affair with the young man.

Reports indicate that condoms and a sexual enhancement product, were allegedly found on Junior. Eyewitnesses speaking to Kasapa News on condition of anonymity stated that Junior had numerous bruises on his hands and face.

Efforts to contact Junior to ascertain his current health condition have been unsuccessful. A visit to the police station confirmed that no official complaint has been lodged yet.

Meanwhile, the police are conducting investigations into the matter, though no arrests have been made thus far.



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