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Some of the best football shirts of Euro 2024



As the anticipation reaches fever pitch, the UEFA Euro 2024 is set to commence today, and football fans across the globe are gearing up for what promises to be an entertaining tournament. While the on-pitch action is undoubtedly the main attraction, major football tournaments are also fondly remembered for the kits of the time.

When I think back to the first major tournament I can remember, Italia 90, I instantly get images of Jurgen Klinsmann in the West Germany Shirt with the Black, Red and Yellow across the chest, Roger Milla dancing in the green Cameroon shirt with the white stripes on the sleeve or Paul Gascoigne in England’s navy collared white Umbro top with navy sleeve details.

Football kits have transcended their primary function as sportswear, becoming timestamps and cultural symbols that embody the spirit and identity of a nation. Over the years, the design of these kits has become an art form, blending traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics to create pieces that resonate both on and off the pitch.

As we look forward to the next month of footballing drama, it’s impossible to ignore the significance of these kits as emblems of national pride and as statements of style.

Let’s take a look at a few standouts.


Adidas is helping Scotland make a strong impression with their home shirt. The combination of blues in various patterns is a stylish base for the yellow details to pop and add to an overall sophisticated-looking shirt.


France Jersey 2024

Another blue entry and the French have done it again. From the textured fabric to the tapered sleeve, the collar details and the distinctively enlarged crest on the chest, Nike has delivered a classic for Le Blues that oozes style.


Are you Croatia in disguise? Unusual shirt to be worn at Euros

Stepping away from the usual smaller-squared checkerboard, Nike and Croatia have zoomed in with enlarged blocks for a more contemporary aesthetic. It’s a simple design but the bold red against white will undoubtedly stick in the memory.


The England Euro 2024 away kit is out and Nike's surprise colour choice  could divide opinion | FourFourTwo

As an Englishman, I may be biased here, but I love the details of the Nike England Away shirt. The textured fabric, the subtle gold details, the multicolour side graphics, and the tapered sleeves make for a simple yet sophisticated statement.


Netherlands Euro 2024 Jerseys: A Closer Look at the Home and Away Kits –  Pegasus Football Club

Always a shirt that stands out a mile, the Orange of the Netherlands is another one for the ages. Again with the textured fabric, tapered sleeve and simple navy details, the trend for this year is continued with another stylish entry from Nike.


Adidas has put together a beauty for Belgium. The patterned burgundy base looks like it was poured from a glass of wine, while the almost metallic shimmer with black and gold details adds somewhat of a retro feel that still comfortably works for 2024.

Those are just a few of the shirts that caught my eye when looking around. I hope you all enjoy the opening game.

Source:| David Skilling

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