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Social media businesswoman arrested for allegedly ‘scamming’ customers up to GH¢45K



According to reports, Barbara operates by advertising affordable items whose prices are “too good to be true”.

She promises customers that the goods will be shipped from outside the country and delivered in a few months.

Customers who have now become victims complain of the length of time within which the items are delivered.

Some of the customers have also alluded to the fact that they do not receive their items at all, even after several months of waiting.

One of the victims have noted that she has not received her items since November last year, when she made payments of over GH¢10,000.

After her arrest on June 7, 2022, some of the affected people trooped to the police station to make their demands.

Social media user, Sika Official, who broke the news on Twitter on June 8, 2023, said, “According to the victims, she doesn’t give updates on your items and is slow to reply to enquiries. She also doesn’t refund monies taken and is notorious for buying items at Kantamanto and passing them off as brand-new items.

“It’s alleged that she has an accomplice in the person of her boyfriend, who is scamming people in her name. She and one lawyer, Emmanuel, have been known to threaten people who call her out on her actions to sue them for defamation,” he added.



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