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SHOCKING VIDEO: Fight between a goat and a mechanic surface online

Resting on the trunk of a car, a mechanic, Nana Yaw, engages a goat in a hilarious fight. The setting is a mechanic shop with Amakye Dede’s ‘Handkerchief’ blazing in the background as Nana Yaw’s colleague runs commentary.

In the more than six-minute encounter, the goat is seen exhibiting its skills in its audacious attempt to hit Nana Yaw who continues to rest on the car until his colleague who is filming the moment interpreted the goat’s bleat as a request to have him step down for the action to continue.

The friendly battle continues unabated after Nana Yaw, clad in casual wear, descended. A relaxed Nana Yaw uses his legs to block the goat but that would not stop it from attacking further as it head-butts either by stamping on the back feet or all four on the ground during the encounter.

According to the narrative of Nana Yaw’s colleague whose face was not shown in the video, the goat has constantly been coming to the shop for his friend. In instances where Nana Yaw is away, the goat departs.

“This goat always fights you. It comes here just to fight you and leaves afterwards. It comes to look for only you, if it doesn’t find you, it fights with nobody. It’s unfathomable,” Nana Yaw’s colleague is heard saying in the Twi language three minutes into the fight.

Nana Yaw at this point decides to quit but the goat would not leave. It goes after its opponent and engages him for three more minutes.

“What have you done to the goat?” Nana Yaw’s friend who seems bewildered asks.

Interestingly, another mechanic moves in the direction of the goat but is ignored by the mammal. Keeping its eyes on Nana Yaw, the goat moves to its target for the ‘unfinished business’.


Watch the video below.


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