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She didn’t show any sign of weakness – Okomfo Kolege speaks on wife’s death



Kumawood actor, Okomfo Kolege has finally spoken about his late wife’s demise.

Narrating incidents that led to her death, the Kumawood actor said his wife was very strong and showed no signs of weakness.

Speaking with Kwaku Manu, he said he woke up at dawn on the faithful day to notice his wife was in labour and he decided to transport her to the hospital, but she asked him to wait until she was properly dilated.

“I woke up to see my wife snapping her fingers. I asked her if the baby was coming, and she said yes, but we should wait for a little. I disagreed with her and asked that we go to the hospital since I didn’t understand the language of midwives.

“When that happened, I called a senior colleague of hers who was at the same workplace as her and is also a midwife to come over. She asked us to wait, and truly, she came, and we packed everything into the car and went straight to Kwadaso SDA Hospital,” he narrated.

According to Okomfo Kolege, upon getting to the hospital, the health professionals rushed in to assist him with his wife but one could tell his wife was strong and able to move around on her own.

“My wife never showed any signs of weakness during her pregnancy or even when the baby was almost here. The way she is, you wouldn’t believe it if they told you she was pregnant and her time was due because of her stature. She walked by herself, and she never showed signs of weakness.”

The actor stated that after his wife was taken into the ward, she came out to inform him that she was correct and that they should have stayed at home a bit longer.

“When she came, she told me she hadn’t dilated up to 10 centimetres and was just at two centimetres. According to her, she needed about four hours more until the baby arrived. I am a very soft person regarding childbirth, so I couldn’t go inside with my wife.

“I didn’t dare see my wife give birth to our child because I am a very soft person. I love my wife to the extent that I don’t like to see her go through pain. I told her colleague that I would stand by the gate to guard it so that I could hear the baby cry and come in to see them.

“You should have seen me at that time. I was barefooted, walking up and down, and praying for God to save me,” he added.

After sometime some colleagues in the movie industry came to join him and the hospital but he didn’t think much about it. Unknown to him at the time, his wife was already dead and they knew about it but none of them could muster the courage to break the sad news to him.

While still waiting to meet his son, the senior doctor at the hospital his wife used to work at, also came to the hospital and entered the labour ward.

It was this doctor who broke the news of his wife’s death to him.



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