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Secret recording and social media posts: Why Vanessa stopped communicating with Funny Face directly



Vanessa, the baby mama of Ghanaian comedian Funny Face, has revealed why she decided to avoid direct communication with him.

She explained that during previous phone calls with her ex-partner, he would secretly record their conversations and publish them on social media platforms without her permission.

Vanessa expressed her discomfort with Funny Face’s habit of sharing their private matters online, which eventually led her to stop communicating with him directly.

Despite Funny Face’s desire to have direct conversations, Vanessa has avoided such interactions due to past incidents. However, she permits him to communicate with his children.

“If I converse with you and you secretly record it to make a point and then post it [via social media], whom are you trying to please? Therefore, I prefer not to speak with you directly, but you may converse with your children.

“So, if you call and express a desire to talk to Ama, what discussion is there to be had with you? If you wish to speak, do so with your children, not me,” she said in a video shared by Express GH TV on their YouTube channel.

In the meantime, Funny Face has faced numerous challenges with his ex-partner since they split in 2021, with many of these incidents sparking social media controversies.

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