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Sarkodie reply’s Yvonne Nelson with new song aftermath of book launch



Michael Owusu Addo, Ghanaian award winning rapper known in showbiz as Sarkodie responds to Yvonne Nelson days after launching her biography book.

Yvonne Nelson on 19th June, 2023 launched a book about her life. She named the book ( I am Not Yvonne Nelson). In the book she revealed most of the things that have happened in her life. Sharing her relationship experience with the Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, how they ended up having abortion after that she wasn’t interested. She also shares having the wrong father and the trauma involved and etc.

The story of the rapper created controversies on social media as well as many households in Ghana and beyond.

With this everyone was waiting to hear from Sarkodie to clarify what the actress Yvonne Nelson claimed about him.

On the 28th June, 2023, The rapper finally released a new single as a response to what Yvonne wrote about him in her book. He named the song (Try Me). In the lyrics, Sarkodie confirmed that the report in the book of having the abortion accurate and he can never lie to it.

Sarkodie shares his side of the story in the lyrics of the song; He (Sarkodie) acclaimed that Yvonne requested for the said abortion, According to Sarkodie, Yvonne was stressed about her education and the pregnancy. She (Yvonne Nelson) then has to choose one as she can not combine school and pregnancy. Yvonne opted for the baby and went for education. ‘Yes I asked you to see my doctor but you later came with an idea that you have a qualified doctor that can check you and abort the baby for you and I accepted’ says Sarkodie.

Also, the rapper revealed that the actress Yvonne Nelson asked him for a few conversations, they met at Skybar but Yvonne insists she can not express herself at the place due to the crowd. After that, She invited Sarkodie to her house but the rapper couldn’t make it happen because it was later and also scared intercourse might have happened again as he wanted to distance himself from the actress.

Do not claim a good girl because you are for the street says Sarkodie.

The rapper has revealed many in the song; Yvonne having plenty guys, etc.

Listen to the Lyrics slide on YouTube below:



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