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Rapist set free after offering his sister to be raped by victim’s brother

A man who raped a lady in Pakistan was pardoned after both his family and that of the victim arrived at a compromise that the perpetrator’s sister should also be made available to be raped by the victim’s brother.

The unthinkable incident reportedly happened in Pir Mahal in the Toba Tek Singh district, Punjab province of Pakistan on March 20.

According to Daily Mail, the rapist’s sister was indeed produced and raped by the victim’s brother on the next day, March 21 as was agreed upon by the 12 member council drawn from the two families.

Reports say all the 12 council a member comprising of four women one of whom was the second rape victim was arrested on Saturday after one police officer heard of the incident.


Sub-Inspector Shaukat Ali Javed with the Pir Mahal Police reported the matter to his superiors leading to the arrest.

Apparently, this particular case is not unprecedented. Other reports suggest that in July last year; a village council ordered that a 16-year old girl is raped in revenge for a similar offence perpetrated by her brother on a 12-year old girl.


The youngster was then sexually assaulted in the presence of her parents and some other 40 members of the said village in the southern city of Multan in same Pakistan.

Rape is a first-degree crime across the world and in some countries, offenders are not entitled to bail, but ironically it is a tit-for-tat game in some countries like Pakistan.


Source: Femi Filani

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