On a visit to the area, Adom News‘ Illiasu Abdul Rauf observed that Zantani and other communities have no other roads to the district capital, Tolon, except for a dangerous and deplorable road that lead them through North Gonja District.

The Zantani community has a CHPS Compound with a lot of challenges, some sick residents have to be transported on a canoe without a life jacket to Tolon or any of the Tamale Hospitals.

Some passengers, speaking to Adom News, said the situation is very challenging but they have no other option.

The commuters bemoaned that most of them don’t know how to swim so the life jackets will be useful to save lives on the river in case of an accident.

They, therefore, appealed to the government, Non-Governmental Organisations and individuals to help provide them with life jackets and new canoes to save lives.

Some of the canoe operators, speaking to Adom News, said they know crossing the river without the life jackets is dangerous but they have no option and cannot assure the safety of passengers in case an accident occurs.

The operators, therefore, appealed for life jackets to prevent disaster.

“We are afraid because crossing such a river with canoe without a life jacket is very dangerous so we are appealing to our Member of Parliament, Hon. Habib Iddrisu, government and Non-Governmental Organisations to help us with life jackets,” they appealed.