Some areas in Accra have been flooded after heavy rainfall on Friday, April 8.

The one-hour heavy rainfall has obstructed the flow of vehicular traffic on the Weija Barrier – West Hills Mall stretch of the Kasoa Highway, Central Business District, Sahara and Odawna, among other areas.

While many commuters parked their cars for the rain to subside, others have been carefully driving through the flood which has covered most part of the road.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency had already predicted a thunderstorm on Friday, a few hours before the rain.

“Moderate to heavy Thunderstorm and Rain Activity detected along the coast of the Volta Region at 8:30 am is expected to affect much of the southern parts of the country in the coming hours,” the agency warned in a brief report.

Some Ghanaians have taken to social media to share the flooding situation in their areas.