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Pamela Odame breaks down in tears while narrating how her baby died from genital circumcision



The actress, who is noted for her enormous breasts, had gone mute on social media in recent times and many wondered what exactly what she was up to.

Nothing has been heard of the actress since early 2022 until recently when she was spotted on social media, granting interviews to announce her comeback.

In her latest interview with Fiifi Pratt on KingdomFM, Pamela disclosed that she was pregnant, managed to carry her baby to full term and delivered safely, only for the child to die whiles being circumcised.

Recounting what really happened, Ms. Watara said nine months ago, she delivered a baby boy at the 37 Military Hospital but he wasn’t properly circumcised, which led to his death.

“I gave birth nine months ago at 37 Hospital. It was a caesarean section procedure and it was successful but I lost the baby through circumcision. I granted an interview about this same issue earlier and people thought I was lying. I wanted to keep the baby private till he was about one year,” she stated.

Pamela added that she and her partner are currently seeking a legal redress to the issue, adding that she will not delve so much into it.

“We have taken the matter to court, it is still with the police so I wouldn’t like to go deep into it,” she established.

Explaining why she never gave a hint of her pregnancy on social media, Pamela said: “I don’t want people to talk about me, they will be passing silly comments about it and I didn’t want that to happen. Besides, I had a difficult pregnancy and I was in a bad shape.”

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