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Ola Michael reveals why Agya Koo was ignored in the movie industry



Ghanaian film producer and director, Ola Michael, known for producing some Kumawood movies has explained why the popular Kumawood actor, Agya Koo was ignored in the movie industry.

It was quite unfortunate that for some time, Agya Koo’s face began to disappear from some Kumawood movies which were produced.

As a result of this, most of the filmmakers and directors received several criticisms from Ghanaians and fans of Agya Koo for his absence from the movie industry.

Ola Michael, who was among the guests who made an appearance on United Showbiz cleared the air and gave out reasons why Agya Koo was not featured in movies.

The first reason he gave was that the actor, as a result of the skills and energy he brought into the industry, gained popularity.4

He added that due to that most producers also wanted to feature him in the movie but they came to the realisation that there are other talented actors out there thus they have to limit the number of times Agya Koo is being used in movies to pave the way for the upcoming actors’ talents to also be seen.

He added that their decision was what resulted in other actors like Lilwin, Akrobeto, Big Akwess, and Christiana Awuni, gaining a spotlight in the industry.

He reiterated that such a decision also brought some growth in the movie industry.

“It is not true that Agya Koo was blacklisted in the industry. The whole idea was, we got to a point where everything was about one person [Agya Koo]. We can’t sit in Ghana and just one person’s face keeps on appearing in movies. So, the idea was we should train and put some of the actors in the industry so that when that person is unable to work effectively, it wouldn’t affect the industry and so that the other people can also take over”, he explained.

Another reason the film producer stated was that for some period, Agya Koo had some selected film producers and directors he decided to work with them, but these selected producers also liked to work with the upcoming actors like Lilwin and that was to the actor’s advantage.

“It got to a time, he selected some producers and directors he would work with but unfortunately for him, the young producers and directors were becoming more than the ones he selected. Also, these young producers were rather working with Akrobeto and Lilwin so, they began to produce more with these people and less with Agya; that is why you people thought he was being blacklisted”, Ola Micheal explained to the host.

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