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Nana Tonardo exposed?



Afia Schwarzenegger stormed social media with alleged evidence of a well-orchestrated plan to expose her nemesis, Tonardo, and also to celebrate its success.

It can be recalled that while reports were rife that Afia Schwarzenegger had gotten married, Nana Tonardo stormed social media with claims that the comedienne is indeed married but as a second wife.

While claiming of being the ‘exclusive holder’ of details, Tonardo also alleged that Afia blackmailed her way into the marriage and also seized a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado belonging to the first wife of the chief, among others.

Following this development, Afia in an interview with Takoradi’s Empire FM denied ever getting married, adding that she will address the public at the right time.

However, in a new twist to events, Afia Schwarzenegger has flooded social media with what she says is a piece of evidence of how she masterminded a conversation between her camp and Tonardo.

Afia took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of how she fed Tonardo with every bit of detail regarding the purported marriage.

In essence, every piece of information, including the ‘second wife and seized Toyota Prado’ allegations was provided by Afia Schwarzenegger, in a bid to expose her nemesis, Tonardo.

This is part of what transpired between Afia (using a fake account) and Tonardo on social media.

“Anonymous: Afia is a wicked soul and a husband snatcher. She has destroyed a beautiful home because of greed and envy. She got engaged to a chief in Aburi as a second wife. The man did not want to marry her but Afia wanted to blackmail him with an info she has against the man. Now she succeeded in taking the man’s Prado. I will try and convince the woman so she speaks with you.

Tonardo: Ok. Sure. Thanks.

Afia Schwarzenegger further alleged that a meeting was structured between Tonardo and a member of her team at Marriot Hotel for more secrets.

Afia said her team deliberately refused to show up for that meeting just to teach him a lesson.

She has, however, asked the public to stay tuned for more information regarding their ploy to expose Tonardo.

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