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My salary was less than GH¢2.5K after working 9 years in a big bank – Ghanaian student in UK recounts



Due to the severity of not being able to cater for basic needs, some people, especially the youth have decided that relocating for greener pastures is the best option.

Nurses, bankers, students pharmacists, and even retired civil servants prefer to do menial jobs in Europe or America rather than live from hand to mouth in Ghana.

In a video sighted by GhanaWeb on the Joy Morning Show, a Ghanaian student in the United Kingdom gave an account of his experience working in a bank that paid low income, and some of the reasons why he left Ghana for the United Kingdom.

According to him, his woes started after he completed the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and started a job that was very time-consuming, and demanding where he was paid less than GH¢1,000 monthly.

Sam, stated that: “It got to a point that I was so frustrated in my company. So I just wanted to leave at all costs. Initially, I wanted to switch jobs but you know getting a different job in Ghana is quite difficult. And this is a company I have been with fir the past 9 years. I completed GIMPA in 2014 and I got myself that job.”

Elaborating on some difficulties that came with the job, Sam added that he was not promoted for 9 years. He would report to work as early as 5:30 a.m. and leave at 1 a.m. the next day.

This, for him was very disheartening and that pushed him
to want to leave at all costs.

Additionally, he explained that although most people blame the government for Ghana’s hardships, employers also need to do better by paying staff well.

“What is management doing for us? If you are well paid, no matter how hard the economy is, I think you are going to be okay….but here lies the case your salary is still the same. They are giving you GH¢1000 this year and 5 years down the line you are still receiving GH¢1000 and they still expect you to a 100% efficiency,” Sam lamented.

When asked how much he was earning in the bank, he said: “My basic salary was less than GH¢1000, it was around GH¢900 in 2013. After my confirmation, it moved to GH¢1000. Nine years down the line, my salary was less than GH¢2,500

Sam however added that he was promoted after he had already set plans in motion to relocate and leave the country but still went ahead to leave.

Watch the full video below:



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