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‘My mother has threatened to disown me if I take care of my runaway father’ – Kumawood actor reveals



According to the comic actor, his father left him and his three siblings with their mother at a young age, which made life challenging for them as they grew up.

“My mother was a trader who frequently traveled to Abidjan and other places, and as a result, we had to live with other people, including our relatives and my mother’s friends,” he told Deloris Frimpong Manso during his appearance on the Sunday, June 11, 2023, edition of the Delay Show.

“My father is still alive, but you know, when difficulties arise, men tend to run away and leave the burden on the woman. I have three siblings from my father’s side, and he abandoned us with our mother,” he stated.

Although he maintains communication with his father, Kolege revealed that his relationship with him is incomplete. He explained that his father has high expectations of him as a son, but he is unable to fulfill them due to his mother’s stance on his absentee father.

“When he calls, he tends to claim that it was not his fault, and I respond by telling him that I am also a man, so if he has anything to say, he should sort it out with my mother. She carries a lot of pain, and she has threatened to disown me if I even attempt to reach out to him, but I hope things will be resolved,” he revealed.

During his interview with Delay, Kolege also shared details about the tragic passing of his wife, who died in November 2022 during childbirth.

Recalling the incident, Kolege described the loss of his wife and baby as the most difficult event in his entire life.

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