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My Ghana-based fiancé divorced me after fully funding his trip to UK – Woman narrates



A London-based Ghanaian woman, identified as Nana Yaa Nyarko, has shared painful details of how her husband and mother-in-law betrayed her.

Nana Yaa, who does three jobs in the UK, told Emelia Brobbey in an interview on her Okukuseku Show, monitored by GhanaWeb, that after taking loans to bring her then-fiancé to the UK, he paid her off by divorcing her.

“I had a boyfriend during my teens in Ghana, and we reconnected after several years when I arrived in London. I went to Ghana for our marriage, and I brought him to London.

“We had 2 children together, his behaviour started showing after our second child. He was the quiet person, and I was the bubbly person in the marriage. To cut a long story short, I discovered he was having an affair with someone based in Ghana,” she described her ordeal.

She narrated that, her husband lied to her about travelling to Ghana for business but only to find out, he went there for his second family.

“He told me he was traveling to Ghana for business, but rather, he went to cohabit with his lover for 5 weeks, who gave him 2 children. Someone called to inform me about that. As I am speaking to you, he has brought his 2 children and his baby mama to London. They are living together in a different part of the UK,” she said.

Nana Yaa, who is also a radio presenter, reiterated that not only did her ex-husband treat her badly, but his mother, who was able to travel to the UK for the first time in her life, also supported her son’s wrongdoings.

She added that she had to work hard to repay the loans she took.

“Not only the man; during our marriage, but his mother also visited us three times. She didn’t even have a passport and had never seen one before. I took a loan to be able to bring him and his mother to London. I had to work hard to repay the loan, but in the end, he didn’t officially go to my family to divorce me.”



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