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Moans & Cuddles: Plus-size women throw light on how they achieve sexual satisfaction



Knowing the right spot and sex position is very key when it comes to lovemaking with plus-size individuals.

In this episode of Moans & Cuddles with Paula Amma Broni, her guests, Qita Moore and Regina Etornam Agbenyo share their experiences as confident plus-size women who are on a mission to demystify the misconceptions about heavily-endowed women.

According to Etornam, some men have been brainwashed into thinking that plus-size women are lazy in bed. She hammered that they equally take charge in the bedroom.

Actress and plus-size model, Qita Moore also narrated how she become confident in her body and urged women to be bold and flaunt their bodies.

She also called for proper communication during lovemaking and shared the importance of keeping the private part neat and clean to boast the confidence of plus-size women.

Watch Moans & Cuddles below:



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