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Millionaire cries out after losing her money and other assets



A 50-year-old woman named Dorcas from Meru county tells one of the YouTubers how her life went wrong and she went from being a princess to living in the grass.

She says that her childhood was hard because she didn’t have a stable home. Her mother raised her by herself, and she would stay with different relatives while her mother went to work. She did well in school all the way up through college, and she got a degree with honors.

She got a job later, and then the money started coming in. She bought land and built houses with it to secure her future. Things went well for a while, and she even got married, but when their daughter was six months old, her husband left her. It hurt, but since she had enough money, she went on with her life as usual.

She made a lot of money-making assets, and in no time she had a million dollars. Life went well because she had enough money to take care of her daughter. One day, she found a great deal in the Middle East. She decided to take advantage of the chance to make even more money.

She left her daughter with a friend and went, not knowing what was in store for her. She got sick after she worked there for a few months. After a lot of tests, doctors confirmed that she had several long-term illnesses. These diseases were diabetes, liver disease, and advanced cancer.

It was hard for her to be sick in a different country, so she decided to fly back home. Her health got worse, and she could no longer work. She sold all of her properties to pay for her medical care, which led to her going bankrupt. Now, she asks for everything, even food.

She says with sadness that the loss of her money hurts her deeply. She is begging people to help her get the advanced care she needs to save her life.


Source: Club Mate

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