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McBrown reacts to Fella Makafui and Medikal’s alleged breakup



Recently, the rumors of Medikal and his wife, Fella Makafui‘s breakup intensified after the release of a single which featured his ex, ‘Sister Derby’.

Rumours and petty observations from concerned fans, that Fella and Medikal have been spotted without their wedding rings on countless occasions, unfollowed each other on social media, do not sleep in the same house, and so on have also been in circulation.

Medikal, who is currently touring media houses, especially during this period, has been bombarded with questions pertaining to these rumours.

The AMG rapper, during two separate conversations with 3FM’’s Giovanni and HitzFM’s had been placed on the ‘hot seat’ and made to address claims of his purportedly failed marriage.

However, reacting to Medikal’s answers to the query, Nana Ama McBrown has advised the rapper and his wife to manage their situation at their own pace and timing.

Sharing excerpts of an OnuaTV news bulletin on Snapchat, with focus on the part where Medikal and Fella Makafui’s marriage was been discussed, McBrown said,

“As for this work, whatever you do, they will still talk about you. So, just take it slow and prove them wrong.”

What Medikal has said about his marriage, ‘Sister Derby collabo’ so far

Throughout all the media interviews Medikal has had so far, he insisted that people are reading too many meanings into his dealings in recent times.

Making reference to his social media posts and ‘Sister Derby collaboration’, the ‘Stubborn Academy’ hitmaker said people are simply speculating.

Medikal said Fella Makafui was reliably informed before he reached out to Sister Derby for a collaboration.

He told Andy Dosty on HitzFM that, “my wife was cool (with the collaboration). I told her and she listens to every song I record. She was like ‘this guy’, she knows that I am stubborn.”

Medikal said that despite his determination to get the collaboration, his wife understands the person he is and trusts him to do the right thing.

But in the eyes of social media, Medikal’s act has been tagged as disrespect, considering the circumstances that led to his fallout with Derby.

Some netizens also think that Medikal should have created some boundaries between himself and his ex-lover.

These concerns sprung up after Fella Makafui an avid fan of her husband, did not publicly acknowledge the collaboration.



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