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Man miraculously escapes life-threatening gunshot to head a day to his Call to the Bar



That day, he would have joined the league of Ghana’s learned professionals in the law practice, but a great misfortune – one capable of snuffing his life in an instant, denied him of that moment.

Speaking with The Mirror newspaper a year on, when he eventually got called to the Ghana Bar, Daniel Ledi recalled how on the day before June 24, 2022, he stepped out to get some money from a Mobile Money shop, only to end up with a bullet in his head.

That bullet did not kill him, but it left him in a critical life situation, but he had some good Samaritans to be grateful to for being timely in rushing him to the Tema General Hospital.

Daniel Ledi described how the armed men had come to the Mobile Money shop at Adjei Kojo, near Tema, and were unsuccessful in breaking into the shop to make away with their booty.

In the moment of trying to break in, Daniel told the newspaper that he was approached by one of the four armed men, who asked him to open the door from inside, but he was in a frozen moment and so he did not comply.

The paper added that the robber, who had become frustrated at the point, did the unexpected – shot him in the head at close range.

All he remembered, Daniel Ledi narrated, was the moment he was being rushed by the good Samaritans, to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Daniel said he prayed a fervent prayer to God.

“Seeing that I may give up my ghost at any moment, I repeatedly said the following prayer while headed for the Tema General Hospital: God, please do not allow me to die because tomorrow is my Call to the Bar,” he said, the newspaper reported.

Daniel was soon out of danger but there was the need for him to have further medical checks.

After a few of those, and having contacted one of the senior neurosurgeons in the country, he was told that there was a need for surgery.

Daniel Ledi would also find out that the cost of such a surgery would be very expensive and not wanting that, he again resorted to his faith in God, although there were assurances from the Graphic Communications Group Ltd that they would support him financially.

Big as his faith was, he went back home, prayed and trusted God for a miracle.

And he did get his miracle – by the time he returned to the doctor a month afterwards, the doctor had these words for him:

“Daniel, you can live with this. You don’t need surgery anymore. God is good.”

But that was just the first miracle.

Since that threatening incident robbed him of his Call to the Bar in June 2022, he started working at getting back in, and thankfully, the paper added, his name was included in the November 11 list of persons to be called.

Today, he is a man living his dream as a lawyer, and with a clear case of a miracle as an add-on, he is more than grateful to God.



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