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Man forcefully slept with 4 young girls at the same time, then threatens to kill them with a sword



John Etale, a 53-year-old man has been arrested by Kondele police officers in the Manyatta area, after forcefully engaging in the act with four little girls.

According to the police, the alleged defiler has been threatening the four victims with a kitchen knife if they dare report him to the authorities. The man has been regularly doing the act to the girls for quite some time now, and he thought that he would enjoy it for a long period without being caught.

Senior police confirmed that the four minors school at Kosawo Primary School in Kisumu county, and are aged between 7 to 9 years in grade two. He also added by saying that parents have been complaining about the heinous act expressed by the mature man. He condemned the act terming it evil.

Currently, the suspect is being detained at Kondele police station awaiting to be arraigned in Winam Law courts on Tuesday to know the final verdict. He is going to be charged with the defilement of underage children which is contrary to Kenyan law.

Francis Aluko, a worker at Manyatta Chief’s camp said that, after getting the information, he decided to look for him and luckily he found him taking a nap, he tried to inquire about him having affairs with young children, and that’s when the old man opened up and said that, he has been defiling the young girls for a while now, he even gives them money to keep them motivated.

According to the suspect, the young girls go looking for him intending to get financial support and food.

One parent confirmed that the daughter started coming home late as opposed to before, that is when she started drawing blank lines, thinking of where her daughter goes before reporting home, she even asked the class teacher but still got no answer.

The children have been reporting to school with money, but the class teacher never knew where it came from. After investigations, one of the 4 girls said that the man gives them money after the act, and something worse, he does the act with all of them at the same time.


Source: Ghana Trends


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