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Man claiming to be Jesus turns water into tea as his first miracle



A man claims to be the true Jesus who, in accordance with the Bible, died and rose.
The guy claiming to be Jesus Christ gave an account of his life and church, and his adherents assert that he works “miracles” precisely as Jesus Christ is said to have done in the Bible.

A man from Bungoma who claims to be the real Jesus Christ and has gained a large following by performing “miracles” has had new information about his life come to light. His name is Mwalimu Yesu wa Thangole.

According to Mwalimu Yesu, God gave him the name and specific instructions to spread the gospel all over the world along with a divine purpose.

Jesus Christ is who I am. I tell those who inquire if I am the true Christ that I am. In a recent interview with Afrimax English, he declared that Jesus was for everyone, not just one nation.

Mwalimu Similar to Jesus in the Bible, Yesu has twelve disciples.

A man claims to be the true Jesus who, in accordance with the Bible, died and rose.

Every time Mwalimu Yesu reads from the Bible, his disciples always kneel and worship him. They are completely covered in robes.

More “miracles” have allegedly been accomplished by Mwalimu Yesu than by the Jewish Jesus, according to his adherents.

One of his followers said, “I firmly think that this man is Jesus; he heals and delivers.”

When sick individuals visit this church, you could think they are on the verge of passing away, but Jesus always steps in and heals them, his wife continued.

Mwalimu Yesu justifies his marital status by citing Revelations 21:9 in contrast to the biblical Jesus, who was never married and had no children.

One of the seven angels carrying the vials containing the seven final plagues approached me and said, “Come here, and I will show you the wife of the Lamb.” The text continues, “And there came vnto me one of the seven.”

The self-proclaimed Christ asserts that the “Lamb’s wife” passage in the Scriptures gives him authority to marry and have children.

His church has two distinct services every Sunday for worship.

Prior to entering the second church, referred to as the holy of holies, the congregation must pass through a mud church with two doors and a window where they must take off their shoes and confess their sins.

His ability to transform water into tea during a wedding ceremony in Bungoma, Kenya, recently went viral.


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