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Man, 27, ask God to take his life over chest pain



Suleiman, a young man, has asked God to take his life because of the pain in his body. He is sick with a disease no one knows about.

Suleiman, a 27-year-old man, says that he started to feel pain in his chest and had wounds that started to get worse. He was rushed to the hospital, and after some tests, the doctor told him to have surgery because none of the tests came back positive.

He says that her mother had to sell a piece of land to pay for his surgery. After the surgery, he thought the pain would go away, but his chest continued to rot and the infection even spread to his legs.

Suleiman says that the doctors told him to get regular checkups, but because they didn’t have enough money, he didn’t know what to do and stayed at home.

He is now begging God to kill him because he has given up on life and can’t take the pain any longer. He just wants to die.

Suleiman and her mother have asked their friends and family to help them raise money so that he can get treatment abroad. He has given up on life.


Source: iNews


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