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Life and Times of Rico Swavey, ex-BBNaija housemate wey die at di age of 29

Di death of popular Nigerian reality TV star, Patrick Fakoya wey pipo sabi as Rico Swavey

Olaronke Alo

Broadcast Journalist, BBC News Pidgin

For all of fellow BBNaija housemates, im be di cool cat, di pacifier, di cute, funny guy wey no get problems and e dey laugh wit everyone.

Di death of popular Nigerian reality TV star, Patrick Fakoya wey pipo sabi as Rico Swavey shock many of im fans.

According to im colleague wey enta social media to announce am, di 29-year-old die for hospital on Thursday morning afta e involve for deadly car accident.

Rico Swavey wey im real name na Patrick Fakoya enta lime light wen e appear for di popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, for 2018.

Wen e enter di House, Rico Swavey “manage a feat no oda Housemate don do – e no rub any of im colleagues di wrong way”.

Di organisers of di show say Rico manage to stay clear from im peers tempers.

Rico Swavey for di BBNaija house

Rico na one di most fascinating Housemate of di Double Wahala season.

Di late crooner no dey tok much but on di few occasions wey im tok, e dey produce surprise-effect and dem dey hear im voice respectfully.

Such times na like once wen im shame im fellow housemates for dia insensitive waste of so much food.

“E get pipo wey dey out dia on di street wey dey starve”, Rico para for im housemates wey dey waste food.

Im ask dem to carry wetin dem sabi say dem fit chop and dem go finish am.

“Dis na personal tin to me, I don see beggars out dia, dem dey die on di street, dem dey find wetin to chop and we dey hia dey waste food”, e tok as im beg oda housemates not to waste food during dia stay for di show.

Di youthful aspiring actor and singer appear to be in full control of im every move for di house, in an ever cool, calm and composed behaviour.

Sometimes e dey be like say silence na im line of attack.

‘Everyone friend and easy to hug’

Rico be everyone friend, and easy to hug at dat, di producers of di show write about am.

Dem say Rico only grumble na say im dey always wish make – Ahneeka – one of di housemates to cuddle am more, like all di oda pairs.

“Im face dey always read like an open book. Di range of emotions wey paint im face at any time  dey priceless: from di eye-rolling to di drooping or di wide-eyed wonder, for anyone wey care to look, Rico dey true to im emotions”, dem tok.

Di only housemate dem compose poem for afta eviction

Rico Swavey survive 10 weeks for di Double Wahala House but dem later evict am from di house close to finish line.

Im eviction shock im fans and even some of di housemates.

One of di housemates compose poem wey read :

“We enjoy every bit of your talent and creativity,

“You be di middle man to all for di battle ground of ours

“Boy tomato, Peter pan, you switch in and out of character on us but you neva change from who you truly be.

“Master for di kitchen, passionate about food, passionate about feeding di poor,

“Love im mama like no oda

“A listener like everyone broad

“A dresser still like no oda

“Di ladies here say go finesse, di guys here miss your presence.

“No be all of us hear di real tori

“But we sabi say you be and go always remain our realest gee

“See you soon on our biggest screens, hear you soon on our favourite stations


“Patrick Fakoya remain Swavey”



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