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Kwame Mickey offers Team Eternity ‘generously affordable’ exit out of possible lawsuit



Kwame Mickey has offered Team Eternity Ghana a “generously affordable” way out of a potential copyright infringement suit.

Overseas, the music executive spoke, Sunday, June 17, 2024, in a Facebook Live broadcast accusing the Gospel group of an alleged illegal interpolation in their latest chart-topping hit, Defe Defe.

Notorious copyright infringement

He bemoaned the penchant of gospel musicians using unoriginal elements in their compositions without copyright clearance. He decried this illegal act being done under the disguise of innocently doing God’s work.

Mickey noted many creators are suffering because their due is never given them and they are being taken advantage of.

“There’s something that I have to address. We have veterans in music who feel music is their business, let’s beware otherwise, people will work hard and they’ll gain nothing.

“As for me Kwame Mickey, as long as I have life, I’ll let you know what is good and what is right. I will definitely tell you. Because, we’ve worked and since we are still alive, we will not allow people to reap where they have not sown,” he declared.

The executive producer addressed music makers appropriating and using many ultra-popular songs in the Gospel industry and Christian circles, and claiming they have no copyright owners.

“Every song has a creator,” he rebuked.

Cautionary tale

“I’ve seen a group they call Team Eternity. You guys are joking with fire. If you’re in doubt, go and speak to Stonebwoy and the Kumasi-based Sika Kankan singer – my son [Kwaku Darlington]. I am not the type to let you go scot-free. I’ll give you an international lawyer. I will have you respecting me,” Kwame Mickey said.

Noting his seriousness, he said he is not to be confused with music makers who toil, create hits and later find themselves living in deprivation missing out on their due of handsome money in music, emphasising, also, he will not resort to the popular saying: “Oh, it’s all for the advancement of God’s work.”

“Even Pastors take collections for the work of God. There are people making money from the Bible you see,” he argued in favour of Gospel musicians rightly earning from their professions and service.

Brotherly kindness

However, notwithstanding his argument, Mickey said he had, in fact, been “gentle” with Team Eternity so far “because it is an issue concerning God’s work”.

“Team Eternity, I’ll make this generously affordable. So come do the needful,” the marketing executive explained, and flashing a bottle of Christian Brothers brandy, he added: “It’s for the sake of my love for you I got this.”

20 years ago, Christ International’s Halleluya Voices released a hit song which captured a memorable portion saying: “Me nuanom ee mese m’ongyae me w’ate, na menkɔ da Nyame ase’o. Manhyia Nyame a anka ɔbonsam ayɛ me defe defe,” while in 2024, Team Eternity sing: “M’ongyae me na menda Nyame ase. Manhyia Nyame a anka y’ayɛ me defe defe.” Also, both songs have an identical name, Defe Defe.



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