Actress Juliet Ibrahim, has revealed how she was raped by a man who professed love to her.

She said when she pointed out her dislike for the act, he did not see his actions as rape.

Speaking in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, a Nigerian journalist, Juliet Ibrahim disclosed that her ex, pinned her down, despite her appeals to get him to stop and had his way with her.

“I told him what he did was rape and he said but we are in a relationship. But was I ready? That was the question, did I say I was In the mood? I kept saying no, stop it, stop it, you pin me down and you’re doing whatever you wanted to do.”

“You’re smiling saying don’t worry and you’re kissing while I’m crying, that means you’re a rapist and I had to leave that relationship,” the actress recounted with pain in her voice.

Even though she made a decision to walk out, Juliet Ibrahim said it was not an easy feat for her, because the man had locked her up in his home.

She stated that her partner took any chance he got to sexually abuse her, “until my sister Sonia came to find me.”

The actress noted that at the time she did not know how to explain to whoever to confide in for fear that people would not believe her.

“I was scared, like what do I do? Because this guy is huge, you’ll be against the wall and you can’t do anything, it was every day, that is rape, in those kinds of situation, you cannot even explain, who do you go an tell?”

However, Juliet Ibrahim believes that in today’s world, women and men have the chance to take matters into their own hands and report their abusive partners to the Police.

“But ladies you can report it now, go and report. If your husband is forcing you to do, when you’re not in the mood, it is rape and I tell these men that you cannot force a woman,” she added.