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It is time for Israel to leave Palestine – Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana



The Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Abdalfatah Alsatarri, has made a passionate plea for the cessation of Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

His statement came during a car parade through the streets of Accra, which was organised to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Addressing the media, Ambassador Alsatarri recounted the decades-long struggle of the Palestinian people.

He detailed the hardships faced by Palestinians, including the arrest and killing of civilians such as journalists, students, and healthcare professionals.

The Ambassador also condemned the continuous bombing of residential areas, land appropriation, and the establishment of illegal settlements by Israel.

“Our struggle started from the first moment when Israel started to occupy my country. My people have suffered for 75 years now under Israeli occupation.

“They’ve arrested and killed people including journalists, students, nurses, doctors, and teachers. They’ve been bombing our housing, stealing our lands and building illegal settlements for 75 years now,” he said.

He called for a unified global voice demanding the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Palestinian territories.

“This is the moment for the world to understand more about Palestine. And for all of them to say in one voice, the Israeli occupation should leave Palestinian lands,” he said.

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