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‘Is this governance?’ – Opambour mourns state of Ghana’s economy



The Founder and Leader of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre, Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom popularly known as Opambour has bemoaned the current state of Ghana’s economy.

In a recent video of his televised preaching which has gone viral on social media, Opambour questioned the competence of the current government while addressing issues on Ghana’s debt. He called for the recently approved loan International Monetary Fund (IMF) Loan Facility to be used in servicing the nation’s debt after expressing doubt about the use the money will be put to.

“What is our use in the country? Is this governance? Is this really governance? Leaders of Ghana should begin to do something about it if not the IMF money should be used to service some of the Chinese debt. That will help because I don’t know what use the money will be put to. So we should use it to settle the Chinese and continue to live the way we are,” he stated.

Ghana’s economy has been under serious distress since late 2019 resulting in an overall high cost of living.

The government as part of attempts to salvage economy has entered into a program that will see the country receive a total sum of $3 billion from the IMF over the next three years.


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