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I told you to get a gun – Burna Boy cries over South African rapper AKA’s death



The 35-year-old rapper was shot dead outside a popular restaurant on Florida Rd in Durban, South Africa on Friday February 10, 2023.

Burna Boy expressed shock over the assassination of the rapper, adding that the news turned his positive mood sour.

According to Burna, he advised the deceased to get a gun after he saw his and tagged him wild.

Burna added that although they have had several misunderstandings and industry beefs in the past, he never saw death for the South African star and he hopes that the culprits are caught and arrested.

Burna said: “WTF is all of that about? I just heard he died, seen that video at that restaurant. Took me out of a positive mood/ Took me back to that day when you saw my gun and you said I was wild/ Then I told you you should have one too.

“But I didn’t want you dead, it was like that with me and you, have one too/ Cuz it weren’t like niggaz wasn’t dying but I thought you knew/ And I ain’t really f**k with you/

“Wicked! I hope they catch whoever did you wicked/ I hope you rest in peace, even though we ain’t kick it/ At the end of the day we some grown ass ni**az




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