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Hushpuppi’s 15-acre of catfish farm in Ghana pops up



Hushpuppi Wanted

Details have emerged that the incarcerated 40-year-old Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, the Nigerian national known by his Instagram handle, “Ray Hushpuppi,” owned 15 acres of land in Ghana.

According to the reports, the infamous convict, who is spending over 11 years in a federal state prison in the United States of America for money laundering and fraudulent activities, was fishing on the land in Ghana.

The prolific international fraudster’s catfish farm is also said to have been discovered after documents were found in his home, according to Bruce Walsy, a Chicago-based independent investigator.

The information also showed that Hushpuppi was in the process of expanding operations on the farm.

The documents also showed that once, Hushpuppi gave a female waitress $5,000 as a tip, as receipts found in his apartment during his arrest at the Palazzo Versace in Dubai showed.

Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai in 2020 over an extensive fraud scheme that has robbed victims of their money in the U.S., Qatar, the United Kingdom, and other places.

He was extradited to the US, where he was charged with fraud and money laundering. He pleaded guilty to all charges levelled against him.

The socialite, however, bagged only 11 years in prison after he appealed to US Judge Otis Wright to tamper justice with mercy and a lighter jail term after scoring high in cleaning activities while in prison.

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