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How 13-year-old boy saved a bus with 50 pupils from crashing at Bawjiasie



In a remarkable display of courage and quick thinking, a 13-year-old puil from Carefield School Complex in Bawjiase, near Kasoa, Central Region, has become a local hero after saving around fifty students from a potentially disastrous bus accident.

Augustine Nii Odoi Laryea, a class 6 pupil, acted swiftly to prevent the accident by stepping on the brakes of their school bus, ensuring the safety of himself and fellow passengers.

Augustine’s heroic actions took place last month when the students were on their way home.

Narrating the incident on Onua TV’s Maakye show on Friday, August 11, 2023, Augustine described how their bus driver, unfortunately now deceased, was driving recklessly, a behavior unusual for him. As the bus approached the Opembo bridge en route to Bawjiase from Kasoa, the driver was maneuvering around an oncoming ‘aroglass’ (a wooden cargo vehicle) due to ongoing construction on the bridge.

It was at this moment that Augustine recognized the danger: their bus was veering towards a pit under the bridge. He noticed a change in the driver’s behavior, observing foamy substance coming from his mouth and his weakening condition. Without hesitation, Augustine stepped on the brake, prompting a chorus of screams and shouts from his fellow students. Even though some people insulted him in the chaos, his focus remained unwavering.

“So, I saw some foamy substance coming from his mouth and he had become weak. When I saw that I stepped on the brake of the bus and everyone started screaming and shouting. Some people were even insulting me,” the boy narrated on Onua TV.

The school’s caterer, accompanied by another teacher, acted swiftly by rushing to secure the bus and evacuate the students. Augustine’s urgent calls for his classmates to disembark amid the tumultuous scene ensured the safety of everyone on board.

Tragically, the driver was rushed to Bawjiase Hospital and subsequently transferred to Buduburam, where he was pronounced dead.

Augustine’s courage did not go unnoticed by the school community. One of the teachers guided him through various classes, instructing students to address him as a “hero” henceforth, as directed by the school’s headmistress.

Emelia Assah Laryea, Augustine’s mother, revealed that another bus driver had recognized his interest and knowledge in cars and driving. Intrigued, the driver engaged Augustine in conversation about vehicles and even took him to the bus, highlighting his potential in these areas.

As the school prepares for an upcoming graduation next month, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has decided to honour Augustine for his extraordinary bravery during the celebration.

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