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Hollywood actress, now Ghanaian citizen optimistic about bridging gaps between Ghana, US



AJ Akua Okyerebea Johnson

Hollywood actress, AJ Akua Okyerebea Johnson, has been named the tourism ambassador for Ghanaians in the diaspora.

The actress, TV Producer, Life Coach, and Philanthropist has expressed joy over her attainment of Ghanaian citizenship.

She added that becoming a Ghanaian comes with “so much fulfillment” adding that she seeks to leverage that to bridge certain barriers between Ghana and the diaspora.

AJ Akua also noted that she is looking forward to partnering with local acts and helping her Ghanaian brothers and sisters.

Speaking to GhanaWeb’s Stella Dziedzorm Sogli, AJ recounted her fond memories since she first visited Ghana in 2018 and how she intends to do more in Ghana.

Read some parts of AJ’s bio below

AJ believes as an honors graduate of Spelman College, a woman who changes the world is a woman who has global options and is an example of it!!

As a citizen of The Republic of Ghana, AJ Akua’s mission just got bigger. When she is not in West Africa, creating unity programs with the US EMBASSY and President’s office of Diaspora Affairs, office of the President, Ghana- in the areas of education, better health, entertainment, and economic development, AJ is in the US serving as executive producer and host for season 3 of VH1’s latest hit “COUPLES RETREAT”, where AJ life coaches America’s most dysfunctional reality show couples as they retreat, and now, Executive Producer of her own show, LIFE THERAPY for TV One? Yes, AJ is doing it all and for those who say the “all” is not possible, let’s take a closer look at AJ’s definition.

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