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Ho Municipality to develop coconut industry



Divine Bosson, Ho Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), has said the city should take advantage of the government’s coconut revitalisation project to create a niche industry for the regional capital.

Government’s coconut chain rejuvenation project aims to distribute successes with the tropical key fruit across the country, and the MCE who was addressing Members of the Assembly at its first general meeting, said the Municipality’s share of 30,000 seedlings under the project should kickstart the development of a major enclave for the crop.

He said the industrial city already held prospects for the crop with a handful of commercial processors and a fast growing appetite for the fruit a superfood.

The MCE, therefore, said when taken full advantage of, the project could cause a physical transformation of the industrial landscape in a matter of years.

“When we succeed in taking advantage of this project, soon you will see coconut oil and other products lining up for sale in our streets like we see in other places,” Mr. Bosson said, promising the needed assistance from the Assembly to individuals and communities that would want to participate in the tree crop project.

The MCE spoke of other bold initiatives to develop the Assembly, including, opening up of roads, and constructing needed facilities such as in sports, security and sanitation.

A new Assembly building for more convenient working environment has been completed and awaiting commissioning.

“I will continue to take bold new initiatives to benefit the Assembly,” he told the meeting.


Source: GN

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