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Ghanaian University student making Ghs1000 daily for rearing sheep



A Ghanaian news writer and a university student offering electricals and electronics who is well know in the blogging work as Ernesteast has advice young ones to start up a small business no matter their condition and time, whether they are students or not.
Ernesteast inform the public on how he gets 1000gh cedis a day as a student and a news
Writer rearing sheep’s.He said is not easy to combine three things together a time,but the sheep rearing is helping him to get Enough money.
“Ernesteast “
How i started it.The most traditional way of making money from sheep is to breed your ewes and then sell the lambs. You can take them to market where other farmers and abattoirs will buy them or, if you have the contacts, cut out the middle man and conduct private sales.
To make money with this method you need a decent flock size. Lamb prices vary but if you’re lucky to make 350gh a lamb, you’ll need 3 lambs to get the first 1,000gh. This means you’ll require at least five ewes having twins.If you need any assistance in starting up yours Or you want to support the good work i have started you can call me on this line 0553678245.The universe is a very Big stage for success so you can made it.
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