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Ghanaian men are very sweet, so treat them well – Victoria Kimani



Victoria Kimani is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer. She was previously signed to Nigerian Record Label Chocolate City and was described as the record label’s first lady. As a singer, she is popularly known for her numerous hits and sense of style.

American-born Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer, Victoria Kimani, has advised Ghanaian girls to treat their men well before ladies like herself come to steal them.

The songstress described Ghanaian guys as people with a vibe, sweet, and with good communication skills.
Victoria Kimani was speaking with Kojo Manuel on the Dryve of Your Lyfe radio show on YFM.

Reacting to Kojo Manuel’s comment that Ghanaian women do not think their men have got the vibes as she claimed, she said, “Then they don’t know what they’re missing. They say the grass is not greener somewhere else, it’s only green where you water it so I’ll tell the women water your grass before the likes of me and my friends come and take them away”.

Adding that Ghanaian girls are obviously good vibes just like the men, hence, there should be a reason why they don’t see Ghanaian guys as vibes too.

“Maybe you guys are not being vibes to Ghanaian girls too, maybe there’s a reason they’re saying that you’re not vibing so I’ll investigate”, the singer joked.


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