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Ghanaian couple goes viral for exchanging vows in heavy rain

A wedding is an important occasion in the lives of every man and woman. It is the day set for people to witness the couple who have decided to be each other’s companion forever until one of them departs for heaven.

In a video shared by the blogger, Nkonkonsa on Instagram and monitored by GhanaWeb, a couple who despite the heavy rain that hit the streets of Accra on May 6, 2023, went ahead to exchange their vows in the storm.

It was beautiful to watch as the groom held his bride, who nearly gave up’s hand in a way of assuring her that the rain was a blessing to their marriage.

It was also intriguing as the people who came to support them, bridesmaid, groom’s men, best man, pastor, as well as event planners, stood in the heavy rain to contribute to the success of the wedding.

This raised a lot of emotions among netizens who couldn’t stop watching the video and as well shared their opinions.

“Their friends in the rain with them. This is what I call friendship. It is rare tho”, a netizen shared her comments.

Another netizen said: Withstanding the rain means you have bn blessed and can withstand any storm in your marriage”.

Check out the post below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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