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Ghana to halt importation of metal caskets – Mortuaries Agency CEO



MoFFA has highlighted that the use of metal caskets for burial purposes is in violation of the law.

According to the agency, the law disapproves of the use of metal caskets because they do not decompose like wooden coffins.

This decision is prompted by concerns that Ghana is running out of burial space.

Dr Yaw Twerefour, the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, made this announcement during an interview on CTV’s ‘Obra Mu Nsem’ show, hosted by Ohenewa Kaseboahen on Friday, September 15, 2023.

He explained that MoFFA’s mandate encompasses the control, licensing, and regulation of all aspects related to the handling of the deceased, including storage, burial, transportation, and disposal in the country.

Dr Yaw Twerefour added that MoFFA is currently in discussions with various stakeholders to reach a final decision on the importation of metal caskets into the country.

He stressed that while the use of metal caskets may be fashionable, it contradicts the law, as these caskets were originally designed for the transportation of diseased bodies to contain droplets from the deceased body.




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