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Four countries in Africa where businesses are turning to AI



While Africa may not have as many companies utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) compared to more developed markets, there are still a few companies in that have implemented AI technology in their operations.

Here are four examples:


mPedigree is a Ghana-based company that uses AI technology to combat counterfeit products in the pharmaceutical industry. They have developed a system that allows consumers to verify the authenticity of medications by sending a unique code through SMS or an app. mPedigree’s innovative use of AI technology has helped address the significant issue of counterfeiting in various industries.

By leveraging AI algorithms and real-time data analysis, mPedigree provides a reliable solution that enhances consumer trust, protects brand reputation, and contributes to ensuring public safety.


FarmSense is an agricultural technology company that leverages AI to provide farmers with real-time data and insights. Their AI-powered platform helps farmers monitor weather conditions, soil quality, and crop health, enabling them to make informed decisions about planting, irrigation, and pest control.

FarmSense’s AI-driven solutions aim to revolutionize farming practices, enable data-driven decision-making, and improve overall agricultural productivity. By leveraging AI algorithms, remote sensing technologies, and data analytics, the company contributes to sustainable and efficient agriculture while empowering farmers with valuable insights and resources.


AgroCenta is an agritech company that employs AI to connect small-scale farmers with buyers and provide them with fair market prices. Their AI-powered platform analyzes market data, supply and demand trends, and farmer profiles to optimize the trading process and improve farmers’ income. By leveraging digital platforms and data-driven solutions, they contribute to the development and transformation of the agricultural ecosystem in Africa.


ClaimSync is an insurtech company that utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to automate insurance claim processing. Their AI-powered platform streamlines the claims management process, reducing manual work and improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.



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